This morning we packed up in our apartment in Paris (with workmen banging on the outside walls – we’re SO glad they weren’t working over the holiday weekend!) and battled our way through the metro and RER systems to the airport.  Then we queued for over an hour to check in, trudged to our overcrowded gate, and had to sit on the floor to eat some hastily-gathered late lunch.

When we arrived in Iceland, we picked up our car and drove through a magical, deserted landscape – in 90 minutes we passed through volcanic wasteland, green farm fields and wetlands, and hardly saw any traffic.

For a family fatigued by the great crowds in London and Paris, this place is a tonic indeed.

Our accommodation is amazing, a cabin all to ourselves with fantastic views and all the amenities we could want. It’s a 15 minute drive back to the supermarket where we accidentally bought yogurt instead of milk (not great for tea or coffee!), but the only sounds we can hear are the birds and we can see for miles.  It’s not completely isolated – we can see other houses and even a restaurant – but it’s peaceful and beautiful and we might have trouble leaving the house to do the tourism we want to do!

There will be photos, tomorrow.  For now my body is still on Paris time (2 hours difference), it has been a long day, and there’s no milk for my tea.

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