Fainjin really enjoys building things with Duplo at the moment.  They have a lot at daycare, and he will spend a good part of his day sitting by the Duplo basket, making boats and fire engines.  He’ll happily play with other kids if they come to join him, but is just as happy left alone with his creations.

We don’t have as much at home, but we have some, and he sits with Babess and swaps blocks with her until he has what he wants.  She doesn’t build things yet, anyway, just pushes blocks across the floor so they squeak.  Fainjin likes the different blocks we have here – it’s a “Dora” set we bought for Pearl years ago, and has palm trees, flowers, some playground equipment including a little car, and of course Dora herself.  His favourite piece is “Boots da Munkeeee!”  I think he likes the monkey so much because he has red boots just like Fainjin’s.

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