The Rugby Ball Cup

Babess and Fainjin, like many New Zealanders, have been caught up in the excitement of a large sports tournament over the past few weeks, which Babess has been calling “The Rugby Ball Cup”.  They didn’t want to watch much of the rugby, but enjoyed playing a pre-schoolers’ version at daycare, and seeing snippets of it on the news or pictures in the paper.

They came home yesterday abuzz with the news (from Sunday night) that “New Zealand won! We won the Rugby Ball Cup! The All Blacks won it!”

Amused, I asked, “And who’s your favourite All Black?”, knowing what answer I’d get.  Sure enough, Babess loyally yelled, “Siggy!”.

Fainjin frowned at her.  “Siggy plays soccer!”

“Yeah!” she said, still hyped up.

“But the All Blacks play rugby.  It’s the Rugby Ball Cup.  So Siggy’s not an All Black.”

“Awww,” she sighed.  “But Richie Meecaw is an All Black.”

“Yeah!” agreed her knowledgeable big brother.  “He’s the captain!  He made us win!”

So they danced around the kitchen cheering for Richie “Meecaw”, much to their parents’ amusement and bemusement.

(Don’t worry, Siggy, you’re still their favourite All White!).

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