A reading reputation

We went to the library today.  No surprises there, it’s a common place to find us at any time but particularly during the school holidays.  We’ll probably go tomorrow as well.

Pearl took out five books.  As she took them out, the librarian smiled and said, “That should keep you going for the afternoon.”

Then her friend’s mum saw the small pile of books and said, “How long will it take you to read those – until tomorrow?”

Then we bumped into one of the school teachers at the supermarket on the way home, and she grinned and said, “Don’t finish them all before you get home!”

…And that is why we’ll probably be back at the library tomorrow!

(For the record, I think she has finished one and is half-way through a second, but I could be wrong – it might be her third).

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4 Responses to “A reading reputation”

  1. Eccentricess Says:

    LOL, so adorable. Love readers. Love how they absorb knowledge and ideas.
    My BFF’s 12 yr old daughter stayed with us over the holidays and read 4 of my fantasy novels in two days. 🙂 The cats appreciated her serene personality.

  2. Kip McGrath Luton South Says:

    Funny how parents and teachers have totally opposing views. I’m both and getting the right balance can be tricky sometimes.

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      I’m a bit confused by this comment – we don’t have opposing views, we agree with her teachers that she reads a lot and that this is a good thing (although sometimes when I’d like the dishes dried or some mess picked up I think she might be reading *too* much). I’m proud and happy to be raising children who love books.

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