A new game

We’ve been doing quite a bit of work in the garden lately.  Lots of planting, fertilising, mulching.  I have some seeds sprouting in a container on the kitchen windowsill, winter veges and salad in outside containers and beds, and even a few late raspberries ripening on the canes (tomorrow’s morning tea, perhaps: I should pick them before the next heavy rain).

As I was planting carrot seeds this afternoon, Fainjin and Babess were traipsing around the front garden, inspecting (and endangering) the poppies, stock and sweetpeas we planted last weekend.  They were happily exchanging complicated-sounding and somewhat contradictory instructions with each other, you go over there and I’ll do that and you can be the father and we’ll put that here and I’ll do the mulch and let’s be over here and I’ll get more… and so on.

Babess came over to watch me work for a minute.  “What are you two up to?” I asked her.

“We’re playing Garden Centre,” she replied.

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