Fainjin is learning to play the ukulele.  He’s very happy with his new blue ukulele, and he’s had one lesson so far.  He has learnt to play C and F, and was very pleased with himself when he noticed on the chord chart that C6 is all open strings.  “Hey! I can play C6 too!” he crowed.

Babess loves to listen to him as he sits and strums or plucks at the strings.  Yesterday they were sitting together while he practised and suddenly he said to her, “You sing a song and I’ll play”.

“OK!” Babess is usually happy to sing a song.  She made one up as she went along, and he strummed and plucked while her song-story meandered around.

After a little while he looked over and said, “Are you finished yet?”

“No! I have more song.”

“OK.” And he kept strumming and she kept singing.  It was very cute!

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