It’s so unfair

The last three or four weeks of the school term were, if I recall rightly, pretty good, weather-wise.  Warm, sunny, not too much wind.  A few yucky days every so often, but nothing too nasty, and not for too long.

But the school holidays come along, and BAM.  Last week was blah, windy and cool and mostly damp-ish to wet.  This week looks set to be horrible.  Already it’s freezing, raining, hailing, and blowing a southerly gale*.  Lots of places have had snow today – some of which don’t normally get snow even in winter.

I had so many ideas: we were going to plant sunflowers and delphiniums, go for walks in the Gardens, browse the museums and eat icecream on the waterfront.  Window-shop all morning and cafe-hop all afternoon.

On the bright side, it can be quite nice to sit at home with a pile of library books and new birthday presents.  There are jigsaws to complete and plastic ponies to play with.  Friends come to visit and you can design a new planet on your bedroom whiteboard, complete with fantastic new animals and plants.

But it doesn’t really feel like Spring.

*Note for northern readers: southerly gales are cold.

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