Big Girls’ Day

Babess went back to daycare today, so it was just Pearl and me at home.  We’ve both been quietly looking forward to these next two weeks, just the two of us doing Big Girl stuff.

Today was not so exciting.  We had housework to do – floors to wash, bathroom to clean.  Pearl helped a bit, but she seemed to get quite a lot of her book read too.  Eventually I deemed the day’s quota of cleaning done (there’ll be plenty more tomorrow, after all), and we headed to the library.

Home via the supermarket, where she convinced me that she should have croissants for lunch, then a short siesta (mostly reading the books she’d just got from the library), then she worked on a scrapbook-kit – a Christmas present – while I practised for the concert I’ve somehow agreed to.

The friend we wanted to invite for a playdate wasn’t available, so we went for a little walk around the neighbourhood and checked whether the local cinema would accept her free movie tickets.  She won them in a colouring competition, along with a book and an apron – quite a thrill for her as the parcel was waiting when we got home from holiday.  The cinema said yes, we can use them there, so when the weather inevitably packs up again, we can take refuge there.

We don’t have big plans for the rest of the holiday.  She’s having another sleepover with Nana and Poppa, I have some rehearsals.  Perhaps we’ll make a quilt together, or just make daily pilgrimages to the library.  There will almost certainly be a cafe lunch one day, and ice-creams on the beach if the sun lasts long enough.  We’ll keep trying for playdates, and by the time school goes back we’ll probably be heartily sick of each other.  That’s what holidays are for.


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