Chef in the making

Pearl cooked dinner for the family last night.  She’s not confident about using the stove with the gas flames, so I had suggested a microwave-able meal with rice, and we agreed upon apricot chicken.

She measured and washed the rice, and I showed her how to add the water and turn on the rice cooker.

I helped her peel and cut the onion, and she discovered for herself how it can make your eyes sting.  She was repulsed by the experience of handling raw chicken, but she steeled herself and did it, washing her hands thoroughly afterwards (as she had beforehand).

She opened the tin of apricots by herself, and stirred in the sauce mix.  Then she pushed the buttons on the microwave to cook it.

Her choice of vegetable was frozen peas (served frozen, just as she likes them).  I prepared and cooked some broccoli for those of us who prefer hot vegies with our casseroles.

The smile on her face as Fainjin and Babess said, one after the other, “Thank you Pearl for the dinner” was priceless.  I think I’ll be able to convince her to cook once a week, perhaps…

2 Responses to “Chef in the making”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    Great plan. I like the idea of using the microwave too.

  2. dnluna Says:

    Apricot chicken? That’s fancier than anything I’ve made all week! :p

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