Pearl often tells me she doesn’t like sport.  I can sympathise – I didn’t enjoy sport at school either – but I tell her that she shouldn’t give up, that one day she will find a sport that she loves.  I didn’t find mine until I was at university, I say, and I’m so glad I didn’t give up looking and trying.

Then a few weeks ago, her class at school got to try floorball.  She came home raving about how much she’d enjoyed it.  “It was really fun, and the sticks are light and there are hardly any rules and it’s really fast, much easier than hockey” – and so on.  It sounded good, but apart from watching an amateur match several years ago in Finland I hadn’t really heard of the sport, and thought the school event a rather odd one-off.

But it turns out that there’s something of a floorball movement locally, and a couple of girls in her class play competitively.  Tonight they had a “bring a friend” evening to mark the end of their season.

Pearl went along with one of her classmates – unfortunately, we couldn’t be there until the very end.  When we arrived, she was crouched in the goal.  A helmet covered her face but I could still see a look of intense concentration, offset by a huge grin.

I think she’s found “her” sport.

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