Snippets from the day

Babess appeared this morning in t-shirt, tights, and boots.  She wanted us to go out to the craft market.  “If we’re going out, you’ll need more clothes on,” I told her.  “Tights are not pants.”

She looked at me, slightly puzzled.  “Is a dress pants?”

Fainjin was rattling around the yard on his scooter, but I couldn’t see the girls.  I went around the side of the house, and they were sitting together playing, deep in conversation.  So sweet.

Fainjin has discovered Fox in Socks.  He brings it to me each evening at story-time, with an evil grin on his face.  He is waiting for me to stumble on “three cheese trees freeze”.

Fainjin ate all his broccoli tonight.  About a teaspoonful.  I have told him that broccoli will help him to run faster, and in particular to run faster than Pearl.  He doesn’t pretend to like the broccoli, but he has started to eat little bits, and tonight – with lots of encouragement – he ate all that I gave him.  And a little (microscopic) bit of carrot.  That, I fibbed, will help him see in the dark.  Like Spiderman.  I have lost all shame when it comes to getting him to eat – and bribes don’t work, so it’s nice to know something will!

Of course, after he ate that broccoli he ran back and forth through the house several times to demonstrate how fast he had become…

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2 Responses to “Snippets from the day”

  1. Susan @Whymommy Says:

    Spiderman! Tonight we finally got LB to try soup. With mixed veggies in it. A major accomplishment for all!

    I love the innocent question about her dress! Smart girl!

  2. Marita Says:

    Woooo! Go Fainjin 🙂 that is so awesome.

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