Dry day

Since Babess decided a few weeks ago that she was a “big girl”, we’ve let her take the lead on whether she wears knickers or pull-ups each day.  She is gradually having fewer accidents, but if she chooses knickers I pack up a couple of changes of clothes and send them to daycare so she has plenty of back-up.

That was the case this morning, and I expected to have a bit of laundry to do for her tonight.  But she came home in the same outfit she had left in!  She had obviously removed and replaced her knickers at some point, because she had them on sideways – one leg through the waist, and a leg-hole at the top around her middle – which must surely have been uncomfortable although it didn’t seem to bother her – but they were dry.

We exchanged high-fives and made a big deal of putting a sticker on a piece of paper for her, securing the “sticker chart” to the fridge with a nice magnet.  Because this qualifies as Big News, I suggested we call Nana and tell her.  “And Auntie B!” Babess insisted.

We called Nana, who dutifully made a fuss, and asked Auntie B to call us back in a few minutes.

But in the whirlwind world of a three-year-old, the news was old and forgotten by the time the phone rang, so when prompted to “tell Auntie B your news” she had to think for a bit before coming up with “I played rugby with my friend at daycare!”

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2 Responses to “Dry day”

  1. gayatri life unordinary Says:

    Found you through Heather at The Sphors. I love your blog name – did you do some SEO research while choosing it?

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      Hi, and welcome! No, I’ve not done any SEO research, I’m not bothered by stats as this blog’s primary audience is family and friends (although other readers are always more than welcome, of course!). “Upside backwards” is what our eldest daughter used to say when she meant inside-out and/or upside-down, and we just loved the phrase.

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