Looking good

Our optometrist is offering free vision checks for children at the moment.  Pearl was due for a check-up in about a month, so I decided this was the perfect time to get her and Fainjin both booked in.

Fainjin enjoyed his test!  He was very proud that he could recognise most of the letters.  For some that he didn’t know, the optometrist asked him to draw them in the air with his finger.  That worked, and was very cute to watch.

His vision is pretty good, but he might be slightly long-sighted.  That could affect his reading in the long-term, so it’s best to pin it down now.  The optometrist gave me some eye-drops to put in his eyes the day before our next appointment next week.  The drops take 30min or so to work, and it was already late afternoon today, so it wasn’t a good time to try them then.

Fainjin enjoyed watching Pearl’s test too – he found it all very interesting.  Pearl’s vision has changed, not a lot but enough to make new glasses worthwhile.  We were going to replace the lenses in her existing frames, but it turned out that for just a few dollars more, we could have new frames – and a two-for-one deal.  So she chose two new frames (super-cute ones, in my totally unbiased opinion), and her glasses will be ready next week. It’s always handy to have a spare pair.

We are so used to her in glasses now that it’s odd to see her without them in older photos!

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